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Pattern Updates

All Around - For the cutting of Dark Blue, we state to cut (18) 2 1/2" x wof strips, then to subcut (2) 2" x 20 1/2" rectangles.  This should be (2) 2 1/2" x 20 1/2" rectangles.

All Directions - on page 2, Step Four, fabric should be Blue Medium Floral not Blue Packed Floral

All Is Bright - On page 2, the finished sizes of the units on Steps One, Two, and Three are incorrect, and should be as follows: Step One: 5 1/2" x 6 1/4", Step Two: 5 1/2" x 6 1/4", and Step Three: 5 1/2" x 6".  The sizes of the templates and sewing directions are correct, we just listed incorrect sizes for these units.

Antique Blue - On page 6, Step Two, the units sewn here will be 6 1/4" square (unfinished), not 5 3/4".

Aurora Nights (first few patterns) - Step One, Page 2, Part 2.  Trim flying geese to 2" x 3 1/2"

Baby's Circus - We show a mitered stripe border on our sample quilt, and the instructions tell you to cut the fabric LENGTHWISE if you want to miter the border using a stripe.  Normally this is how striped fabric is cut for mitered borders.  However, the sample fabric we used (Animal Parade by QT fabrics) has a blue and white stripe going lengthwise, but the overlaid animal train print on the stripe is oriented widthwise.  If you are using QT's Animal Parade fabric for your quilt you will have to fussy cut the animal train section WIDTHWISE and piece the borders together before you miter.

Batty Night - Some of the finished unit sizes are incorrect in many of the patterns.  The following are the correct unit sizes:                                                     Page 3 - Step Seven - finished size should be 3" x 5 1/2"                                       Page 5 - Step Four - finished size should be 6 1/2" x 10 1/2", Steps Five and Six - finished size should be 43 1/2" x 10 1/2", and Step Seven - finished size should be 43 1/2" x 46".

Captured Reflections - The cutting instructions for this quilt have too many 4 1/4" squares listed for three of the colors.  Cutting for the White 4 1/4" squares should be (8) instead of (12).  Cutting for the Light Teal and Dark Purple 4 1/4" squares should be (12) instead of (14).  Additionally, you are instructed to make too many Half Square Triangle units in Steps Two and Three of the Center Star.  You will use (2) White and Light Teal (and (2) White and Dark Purple) 4 1/4" squares in these steps to make (4) units of each color. 

Additionally, you do not need the (4) 4" x 21 1/2" rectangles, nor the (4) 4" x 12 1/2" rectangles.  You only need to cut (1) 4" x wof strip, and subcut (4) 4" x 9 1/2" rectangles.

Carnival Capers - The cutting instructions for the Masks fabrics states cut 5" x wof strips for Template A.  This cutting should be 5 1/2" x wof strips.

Changing Scenes - The finished batik Snowman Scene fabric (SKU 83282-44) did not have four complete strips of the Snowmen as we anticipated when designing.  Therefore, you will need 1 3/4 yards of this fabric to complete this quilt instead of the 1 1/4 yards stated on the pattern.

Chromatic Beauty - Month Four - Large Kite Template.  Some are finding this finished block just slightly too small.  We suggest you cut the template a hair outside the dotted line, or sew a scant seam on this one.

Month Seven - Whirling Star - The cutting diagram for Deep Purple shows cutting of (4) 3 1/2" x 12 1/2" strips, while the text states to cut a 12" strip to begin.  The diagram is correct.  You need to cut a 12 1/2" strip to start, then cut (4) 3 1/2" x 12 1/2" rectangles.

Finishing - Step Five, page 3 - the 3 1/2" x 18 1/2" rectangle should be sewn to the right side of this unit, not the left side as shown in the diagram

Cosmic Explosion Table Runner - Step One of the Star block states that you will end up with 3 7/8" half square triangles when you pair (2) 2 3/8" squares.  You will actually end up with 2" half square triangles, which is stated later on, and is what you want for the pattern.

Crossed Colors - The cutting instructions and some of the diagrams for the Sage Green fabric are incorrect.  Cutting for Sage Green should be:  (1) 6 1/2" x 21 1/2" rectangle, (1) 6 1/2" x 15 1/2" rectangle, and (1) 6 1/2" square.  Additionally, the Section One diagram on page 4 should show 6 1/2" x 21 1/2" piece of Sage Green on the right; and the Section Three diagram on page 5 should show 6 1/2" x 15 1/2" for Sage Green on the bottom right.  If you have already cut your piece for this section at 12 1/2", you can cut an additional 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" of Sage Green and add it to your 12 1/2" long piece.

Drifting Down - On page 3, Step Nine, our directions tell you to use (2) Step Two Medium Teal and Leaves HST units - these should be (2) Step One Light Teal and Leaves HST units.  Additionally, on page 6, Step Seventeen, the first Orange Twig rectangle should be cut at 2 1/2" x 3", while the other (5) are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  Please click on the link below to see a corrected page 6 of this pattern.

Drifting Down page 6 corrected

Forward and Back - There is an error in the cutting for Fabric 2 - the line that states cut (1) 2 3/8" x wof strip should be (1) 2 7/8" x wof strip and (7) 2 7/8" squares (then cut the (7) 2 7/8" squares corner to corner once as stated.)

Friendship Song - cutting of the Red Print - If directional, the cutting for this print should be treated the same as the cutting of the Blue Print.  We noted this with an asterisk (*) on the pattern, but some customers have been missed seeing this asterisk, or have been confused.

Holiday Company - cutting of Red Snowflake fabric and Cornerstones - The Red Snowflake cutting instructions states that you should cut (16) 1" x 4 1/4" rectangles - these should be (16) 1" x 4 1/2" rectangles as stated in the Cornerstones sewing section on page 4.

Home - Some customers have noted that the panel fabric that they received for this design is slightly out of square and this is making it hard for them to cut the panels at 21 1/2" and get the stripes around the design as shown on our pattern cover.  (It is common in the quilting world for panels to bow slightly or be out of square due to finishing/packaging.)  If you encounter this issue, you may be able to tweak the panels to make them fit, and any shape issues will likely be removed in the quilting step.  If you find you cannot make your panels fit the design, you can add coping strips as follows:  

1.  Cut back to the truck square (removing all the stripe portion of the panel).

2.  Sew a 2" strip of fabric (green or black) around all sides of the panel squares.

3.  Trim the panel squares back to 21 1/2" each.

Imagery - Cutting for Blue - Should be (4) 3" x wof strips, NOT (4) 2 1/2" x wof strips.  If you have already cut (4) 2 1/2" x wof strips it is OKAY - you just won't trim the panel as listed in the Assembly on page 2, step 2.

Incandescence Pattern - Block 1 - Spreading My Wings - In the asterisked (*) cutting directions the second to last line states that you should "cut from the bottom 3 1/2" mark to the top left corner . . "  This should be top RIGHT corner as shown in the diagram.

Block 2 - Goose in the Pond - Steps Six and Eight refer to 3 1/4" Background squares and these should be 2 7/8" squares.  The cutting directions are right - the (6) 3 1/4" background squares are used in Step One, and the (5) 2 7/8" squares are used in Steps Six and Eight.

Block 8 - Point to the Middle - We have a cutting direction of 3 7/8" for the Color Two Rose-Teal Ombre squares in our directions.  We believe this to be the correct amount, but others have found that 4" works better for them.

Missing Templates - A few of the Incandescence patterns are missing the templates needed to make the "Anchor" block in the Finishing instructions.  If you are missing these templates you can download them by clicking on the following link:

 Incandescence Templates 

Inspiration - Steps Eight and Nine on page 3 show an incorrect placement of the Blue Floral fabric.  For the corrected page please see the link below.

Inspiration page 3 revised

Jack Says Boo - Cutting of the White fabric: Directions tell you to cut (4) 2" x wof strips, then cut (4) 2" x 5 1/2" rectangles.  You only need (2) 2" x 5 1/2" rectangles, but you need (2) 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" rectangles as well.  Please see the link below for corrected cutting of the White fabric.

Jack Says Boo corrected White cutting

Joyful and Bright - On the first few patterns printed, the Step One of the Sewing Directions for the Wall Hanging LeMoyne Star Blocks (page 2) tells you to make a strip set of Red and Background pieces.  You will actually need to make (2) of these strip sets to get the (20) sections you need.  The same is true of Step Four on page 3.  However, for the Table Runner LeMoyne Star Blocks (Step Two, page 8) you will only need to cut (8) 1 1/2" pieces along the strip set.)

Lavender Frames - On the first few patterns printed the size listed on the back of the pattern is incorrect.  The finished size for this pattern is 62" x 71".

Lead Us - On the first few patterns printed, the diagram on page 2, Step Six shows an extra black sashing piece to the left of the horizontal squares unit.  (This diagram error continues on page 3.)  The cutting and sewing directions are correct, the diagram is not.

My Honey Bee - On page 6, Steps Five and Six, the width of the Green strips should be 2 1/2" as shown in the cutting requirments.

Ocean Blue - Backing requirements should be 3 1/2 yards, not 3 1/4 yards.

Pick A Star - The first few copies of this pattern show an incorrect square size in one of the diagrams, as compared to the cutting instructions.  On page two, cutting of the Blue Fat Quarters states that you cut (12) 2 3/8" squares, but the diagram shows (12) 2 3/4" squares.  The cutting is right and the diagram is wrong.  You need (12) 2 3/8" squares of the Blue.

Prairie Feather Pattern - The first few copies of this pattern have an error in the fabric requirements amount on the back cover.  The pattern states that you need "1 3/8" yards of Medium Brown fabric for finishing of the pieced version of this quilt.  You actually only need "3/8" yards of Medium Brown.

Racing Stripes - There is an error in the cutting of the Background fabric.  We state you need to cut (4) 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles.  This should be (4) 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" rectangles.

Rectangle Toss - The first few copies of this pattern need the following corrections: On page 1 the last line of Cutting Directions for the Dark Grey should read cut (12) 1 3/4" x 5" rectangles.  On page 2, Step Two the finished size of this unit should be 2 3/4".

Red At Night Two - Finishing Pages -Step Six on page 2 refers to the set-in triangles as 18 1/2 inches while the cutting of these triangles starts out with an 18 1/4 inch square.  The cutting directions are right.  Step Six should state "Take a 18 1/4 inch White triangle . . ."

Run With Me -  Due to production issues, the size of the panel in this collection is incorrect. The posted size of 24” x 43” is actually 22 ¾” x 43”. You have two options to make the pattern work with the smaller panel.  You can work with the panel's width as is, making adjustments to the rest of the quilt, or you can adjust the cutting instructions for the side coping strips.  Both options follow:

Work with the size of the panel - trim the panel on the sides only the amount necessary to straighten, then trim the length to 42 1/2" as stated.  Follow the pattern as it is written until you get to Step Three of the Assembly on page three.  At that point you will measure your quilt from left to right to get the proper width and trim your (45" previously cut) Brown strips and Horse Stripe pieces to the width of your quilt.  The final widths (Steps Four and Five of the Assembly will also need to be adjusted.)

Adjust the cutting instructions -  trim the panel on the sides only the amount necessary to straighten, then trim the length to 42 1/2".  You will need to replace the cutting of (3) of the Brown 2 1/2" strips to (3) 3 1/2" Brown strips in order to cut (2) 3 1/2" x 42 1/2" strips for the sides of the panel (Step Two of the Assembly.)  After sewing the 3 1/2" Brown strips to the left and right sides of the panel, you will trim the width to 27".  Follow the rest of the pattern as stated.

Northcott apologizes for this unforeseen issue. Please direct any inquiries to Northcott’s Customer Service for assistance.

Additionally:  for the Cream fabric, you only need (2) 2" x wof strips to cut (36) 2" squares.  And, instead of first cutting an 8" strip of the Blue in order to cut the templates, you could just fussy cut these out of the 3/8 yard if you'd like to just show the horse's heads.

Runaway Pattern - The first few patterns were printed with the following errors, later patterns were corrected.  You can print the corrected pages by clicking on the links listed in blue below:

Block 4 - Many Different Blocks - there are errors in the sizes of the finished units in Steps Three, Four, Five and Six.  All of these steps state the finished size of the unit should measure 1 3/4" - these should be 3 1/2" for Step Three and 2 5/8" for Steps Four, Five and Six.  Many Different Blocks corrected

Block 11 - Autumn Jewel - Step Three states you should use (6) 2 7/8" Color C and Background squares to make twelve units.  You should instead use (4) 2 7/8" Color C and Background squares to make eight units; and Step Four states you should use (2) 2 7/8" Color C and Color B squares to make four units.  You should instead use (4) 2 7/8" Color C and Color B squares to make eight units.  Additionally, Step Five states you should use four units from Step Three to make a pinwheel. These units should be from Step Four.  Autumn Jewel corrected

Block 13 - Storm at Sea - the templates for this block are too small.  The correct size templates are printed on the following page:  Storm at Sea corrected

Finishing - Seminole Strip Sashing - We refer to "Medium Purple" in the cutting directions.  This should be the "Purple Sashing Fabric".

Rusty Glow - The cutting for the Orange fabric reads:

Orange: Cut (1) 2⅞” x wof strip, subcut (5) 2⅞” squares, cut corner to corner once trim strip to 5½” wide, further cut (7) 2½” squares.

This should read: . . . trim strip to 2½” wide, further cut (7) 2½” squares

Season's Abundance - The first few patterns were printed with the following errors, later patterns were corrected.  You can print the corrected pages by clicking on the links listed below:

Block 2 - Compass Block - This block is missing Template A.  Compass Block corrected.  (Note, this is the same template for Block 8)

Block 10 - Lone Star Block - The templates for this block are missing the seam allowance.  You can print the corrected page with the templates here: Corrected Lone Star    Templates 1      Templates 2

Block 12 - Border Finishing - This block states you need (16) 12 1/2" Red squares.  These need to be (16) 2" squares instead, as listed in Step 2.  Border Finishing corrected

Serenity Pines - Our cutting instructions state you should cut 2 1/4" strips for the Dark Blue inner border, but refer to 2 1/2" strips in the assembly.  Therefore, the sizes of the cut strips in this border and the outer border (Steps Six and Seven on page four) are incorrect.  The length of the cut strips for the inner border should be 56 1/2" for the left and right sides, and 52" for the top and bottom; and the length of cut strips for the outer border should be 60" for the left and right sides, and 62" for the top and bottom.

Step Two, Page 2 should read:  Should measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/8".

Simply Divine - The cutting directions for the Sky fabric for this quilt are incorrect.  They should read:   Cut (1) 6 1/2" x width of fabric strip, subcut (1) 6 1/2" x 38 1/2" rectangle.  From remaining LENGTH OF FABRIC, cut (2) 6 1/2" x 17 1/2" rectangles.  This change also means that you only need 3/4 yard of the Sky fabric instead of 1 1/4 yards.  Here is the link to the corrected cutting layout: Simply Divine Cutting

Solare - The following corrections only apply to patterns purchased before January 2024. (They will have continuous page numbers in the Monthly portion of the pattern.)  For those patterns purchased after January 2024, (without page numbers in the monthly portions), the following corrections have already been made to the printed patterns.

Month 3 - On page 8, Step Seven of the directions should say to make (8) of these units, not (12)

Month 10 - On page 43, Step Three of the Circling Swallows Block should say to sew the 5 1/4" Fabric 7 triangles to the Fabric 10 portions of the Step Two unit.

Finishing Section - the diagram for the Eight-Pointed Star Block on page 69 and 72 is reversed from how we show you to complete it on page 51 of the pattern.

Shop Manual - the diagrams for cutting Fabric 3 and Fabric 7 For Month 12 on page 37 are reversed.  The text is correct, but the diagrams (that show the templates) for the two should be switched.  (Note: both show you to cut 4 of each template from a 4" x 20" piece of fabric, which is correct.)

Spooling Around the Block - The "Spools" page on the Finishing Steps has incorrect cutting amounts - some of them are 1/8th of an inch too large.  The correct cutting is as follows:

Black          Cut (16) 2 1/2" squares
                   Cut (16) 1 3/4" x 2" rectangles                 
Print Fabric      Cut (8) 2" squares (various colors)
Background     Cut (16) 2 1/2" squares
                         Cut (16) 1 3/4" x 2" rectangles

Spring Show - On page 2, Step Two of the Chain Block, you may need to cut your squares down a tiny bit to get them to finish at 3 1/8".

Starburst Galaxy - Backing requirements should be 7 1/2 yards, not 3 3/4 yards.

Syncopation - Double Pinwheel Block - The sizes of the squares and half square triangles in this block will result in an unfinished block size of 9 1/4" instead of the 9 1/2" stated.  In order to make these blocks fit with the rest of the quilt, you will need to either sew these Double Pinwheel blocks with a scant quarter inch seam so that they finish slightly larger at 9 1/2", or you will need to cut down both the "X" Blocks and the sashing to 9 1/4".

Undercover - Template C on page 10 is an incorrect size.  You can print the page with the corrected template here:  Undercover corrected template page 10

Valley of The Sun - The first few patterns went out with an incorrect diagram for the cutting of the Bison fabric.  The terminology is correct - you should cut (6) 6" x wof strips from the remaining fabric.  The wof at this point is approximately 28".  The diagram shows cutting only (5) strips, and lists two of the strips at 25" instead of 28".  Simply cut (2) 6" x LENGTH OF FABRIC strips, then cut (6) 6" x leftover wof strips for the Bison fabric.